Something happening, quite sneaky really

I don’t update this site nearly often enough. This is generally because I have nothing newsworthy to post. I will, soon, however, have quite a bit to post here :). I am half-way through my Trial HSC examinations and am doing better than I thought I would. 

I am also starting to work on a secret project that will be revealed in a short while (tops a few months). This is going to be very good. I am enjoying working on it. Hopefully you will like it when I annonce it later.

That’s all really. I have installed crossover office and have found some of it’s compatibility really amusing. In an attempt to get Autocad working it installed Internet Explorer 5.5 automatically (stupid autocad) but I was amused to see it running perfectly on RedHat 9. So much for the “completely integrated to windows” line Microsoft took when they were taken to court. Go figure. 

To all those who are doing their Trial HSC exams - good luck. And to everyone else have fun. 

Update from 12th May 2018: These trial exams are the mocks for the exam done at the end of high school in New South Wales, Australia. The HSC exams determine, amongst other things, what university courses you can enter and which universities will accept you.

Written Aug 7, 2004


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