UnHexDump takes the familiar output of HexDump and converts it back into nice binary format. I wrote this program to assist in extracting files off my Cisco 7970 IP phone which lacks any remote file copying capability.

I am now releasing UnHexDump to the world. It’s a little hackish (given that I wrote it at 3am this morning to solve a problem, that usually happens :[ ). It is licensed under the GNU GPLv3 License. The source code is plain C++ and a windows executable are to be found in the zip file below.

It can be found by clicking the UnHexDump link on the sidebar or here.

This project can be found on Github at https://github.com/ucosty/unhexdump

Update on the 12th May 2018: This is a repost from my old blog at rackbits.com. A few things have changed. Rather than completely erase history, I decided to simply note the changes.


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