Sydney is so very... orange?

Posted Sep 22, 2009

Going to Quakecon 2009

Posted Jul 23, 2009

That’s right - I’m booked for Quakecon 2009! For those who don’t know Quakecon is a 4 day epic lan/gaming convention centered around id software games. It’s hosted in Grapevine, Texas.

I’m leaving on the 12th and returning to Sydney on the 1st of September. Between Quakecon and returning I’m holidaying for 3 weeks in the US staying in Vegas and LA.

DominationLAN a complete success

Posted Jul 6, 2009
The turnout was phenomenal and the feedback we got was overwhelmingly positive. Changes to the event included random team competitions based on the seating layout dividing the room into four teams and <a href="http://sogc.com.au/node/226">forcefully relocating admins against their will(for the lulz of course).

SOGC DominationLAN Tomorrow

Posted Jul 2, 2009

There is only one more night to go before our biggest event yet. Including staff we have 63 people signed up, we have an awesome lineup of competitions and prizes, and we have even had our first event epic fail - our web host stopped working for the better part of a day!

There are only 5 2 -4 :O places left. Sign up here now.

SOGC DominationLAN - 4th July 2009

Mosman Returned Serviceman’s Club - 719 Military Rd, Mosman, NSW

10AM to 10PM

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Going through my old gear

Posted Jun 28, 2009 under

I have collected a lot of random computer gear quite a few years. As I’ve been going through this stuff lately I’ve decided to take some photos and post some of my more interesting computer gear on this site.

Update: I have added more photos to this post as of ~12:30pm

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