Speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out

This site and a few others that I host all run on a virtual private server. This server is quite fast by itself but loaded up with services like Apache and MySQL, not to mention hosting heavyweight web frameworks like Drupal, it’s limited resources make it not quite so snappy.

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UnHexDump takes the familiar output of HexDump and converts it back into nice binary format. I wrote this program to assist in extracting files off my Cisco 7970 IP phone which lacks any remote file copying capability.

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Scraping the surface - Cisco 7970G Hardware

The Cisco 7970 is a black box piece of hardware and as such there is very little information about it on the internet. Cisco pretend it’s a closed appliance and as such go out of their way to prevent people for using the in a more flexible manner.

As of late I’ve been doing quite a bit of Cisco phone trickery. I’ve gotten a network of Cisco phones working with Asterisk and I’ve been building up sleek looking XML services for the 797x models. What I really want to do, though, is delve a little deeper into the spirit of hardware hacking and see if I can properly customise the phone beyond what is possible with configuration files.

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Work in progress, Cisco XML services

Recently I was inspired by a thread on the Whirlpool forums to write XML services for the Cisco IP phones I have. What I have created is something I have called (most creatively) Dashboard. It is a modular PHP script that allows people to add various blocks of dynamic content on to a page which is displayed on the IP phone’s display. This script can be called directly by the phone or pushed using the cisco XML push service.

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