My iPod has died

Well my 20gig 3G iPod has died. The HDD now fails all diagnostic tests and the damn thing doesn’t even boot now. Bugger. It had been becoming more and more faulty - often not playing songs and freezing. So now I am the proud owner of a brand new 20gig iPod

Written Aug 10, 2005

Setting up a PXE server on linux

Actually this should work on any *nix base but I have only used Linux. Infact I only used Fedora Core 3. For a PXE server you need two things:

  • DHCP server
  • TFTP server

I used ISC DHCP Server and TFTP Daemon. Both can be acquired using Apt-Get, Yum, or anywhere else quite easily.

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Written Aug 1, 2005


Due to the never-ending problems with my Ati FireGL X-1 and Doom3 my dad saw it fit to ‘liberate’ a Quadeo4 XGL750 from his office to swap with my FireGL. The nVidia card is quite good. It is about the same performance level as the FireGL but with slightly better drivers (the Ati FireGL drivers really do suck - too bad you can’t use the Catalyst drivers). Anyway this card will be benchmarked soon and I will post the benchmarks on this site. 

Written Aug 11, 2004


This was a very good day for me. I slept in and got up for some a nice burger for lunch. Then I studied a bit for software. The fun all started, however, when my dad got home with nothing less than a copy of Doom 3. FEAR!!! YEAH!! 

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Written Aug 11, 2004