I have collected a lot of random computer gear quite a few years. As I’ve been going through this stuff lately I’ve decided to take some photos and post some of my more interesting computer gear on this site.

Update: I have added more photos to this post as of ~12:30pm

This is a Sun Microsystems Javastation Krups model. It was Sun’s earlier attempt at creating a network computer, basically a diskless workstation. I *really* need to get this doing something interesting. There are quite a few resources on the net with information about how to get them to network boot linux. With that information I might even be able to write my own software for it.

Keeping in the theme of Network Computers the Digital Equipment Multia was DEC’s attempt at a lightweight network centric computer. This particular version has a 166mhz Alpha AXP processor. It runs a small laptop hard drive, floppy drive and supports PCMCIA cards. As far as I know it works but it has nothing installed on it. Either that or the hard drive doesn’t work.

I have an original NeXT Slab. Unfortunately I only have the slab and the keyboard and mouse. Unfortunately I don’t have the sound box which is used to split the video/devices cable into the video, keyboard and mouse connectors. Thus I haven’t been able to boot it up so I have no idea if it works. It is pretty, though.

This is a Silicon Graphics o2 which I paired with a Silicon Graphics 1600SW. Not exactly uncommon. I don’t know the specs of this o2, but I know it is loaded with 6.5.something version of Irix and does nothing particularly useful :(.

Sun Sparcstation 5 - a pizza box Sparc based workstation.

IBM PC Convertible. From memory it runs an 80c88 processor which is a CMOS variant of the Intel 8088 processor. It had the ability to have it’s state maintained simply by turning off the clock signal.

This is a Silicon Graphics Indy with a Indy Presenter 1280 flat panel screen. Also included is a IndyCam which is a streaming video camera.

It’s a Macintosh Classic. Enough said :)