Something happening, quite sneaky really

I don’t update this site nearly often enough. This is generally because I have nothing newsworthy to post. I will, soon, however, have quite a bit to post here :). I am half-way through my Trial HSC examinations and am doing better than I thought I would. 

I am also starting to work on a secret project that will be revealed in a short while (tops a few months). This is going to be very good. I am enjoying working on it. Hopefully you will like it when I annonce it later.

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Written Aug 7, 2004

Site complete

The site is complete (as far as putting pages in etc). I will put more content in as I make more. I promise :) 

The forums are up and going. Please do sign up and post. Especially with the disappearance of Dale and the Dalegroup forums, we needed a new place to rant and post random stuff. So there you have it. Enjoy. :D

Written Feb 8, 2004

New site nearly complete

After a long period of nothingness I have rebuilt my site. It is much better now, but is incomplete at the moment. It will be completed soon and will be ultra|33t. There will be a ton of content to be put here. It will be worth the wait (I hope :P) 

Also I have a deviantART site here so check it out. I only have one pic there at the moment but I will put some more stuff there later.

Written Feb 7, 2004